Plants and Units ( Mazeras Operations )
The operations of Steelmakers at Mazeras span a wide network of distribution centers, construction and foundation solutions for infrastructure projects in East Africa.

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  • Mild steel ingots

Rolling Mill
  • Hot rolled mild steel angles
  • Channels
  • Flat iron
  • Window sections – zed and tee
  • Reinforcement bars- round and square
  • Cold twisted high tensile bars
  • Deformed bars

Press Shop and Fabrication
  • Ox-plough and spares
  • Mild steel washers
  • Window hinges
  • Bed brackets
  • Structured steel for overhead electricity transmission line
  • Galvanizing various steel products

  • Man hole covers
  • Coupling spares
  • Brake blocks for railways
  • Cast iron
  • All types of grey iron casting and special steel casting

  • Bolts and nuts of all types

Fibre Bearing
  • Fibre bearings

Oxygen Plant
  • Oxygen
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